Real Estate Investments

Buying or selling an investment property can seem like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At SPMG, we offer professional real estate investment services in Sault Ste. Marie, and the Algoma Region to help you buy, sell, market, and manage your investment rental properties.


Find the Right Property

SPMG will help you locate, assess, inspect, negotiate, purchase, and manage your investment property. 


Buying & Selling

Our property management company consists of experienced Realtors® who will guide you through the buying and selling process. 

As an experienced management company, we will help you understand the current real estate market and find the perfect Sault Ste. Marie or Algoma region property for you, and ultimately help you make the right decisions to maximize your investment.


Maximize Investment

As property managers and licensed real estate salespersons, our objective is to support investors in recognizing and achieving their property investment goals. 

Our Realtors® educate and consult new and experienced investors and continue to work with them as the market changes.


Real Estate Consulting

At SPMG, we offer real estate consulting to ensure that investors are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to make the best real estate decision to reach their real estate goals.



We assess and inspect rental properties and help you negotiate a fair price. When the property meets all of your expectations and price points, we’ll help you submit an offer so that you can walk away with the perfect investment.


Real Estate Marketing

At SPMG, we know how to market your property for maximum exposure. We offer real estate marketing to help you advertise your rental property. 

When you work with SPMG, we will make your property visible by listing it on our website, social platforms, and other essential platforms. When tenants are interested in your property, they can fill out our application form and we will sort through the applications to bring you only the best candidates.